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Detached Solutions is excited to be participating in Google's Summer of Code 2007 as a mentoring organization. Our main focus will be on software for the z80 (TI-83+, TI-84+, etc) and 68k (TI-89, TI-92+, etc) calculators from Texas Instruments. However, we will consider applications that have some other connection to what we do (e.g. handhelds, Z80 development, PC math software, etc.) Below you'll find project ideas and some information on what we're looking for in applications. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our Forum. Good luck!

Project Ideas
  • usb8x - usb8x was originally a Summer of Code project from 2005, and last year mass storage device support was added. This year, we'd like to extend it even futher. Ideas: integrate keyboard/mouse support into TIOS; work on a general HID driver; use the MSD driver to store and stream ... ebooks? videos? something else? Or perhaps you've got some other peripheral you're dying to get working. Or *gasp* a usb8x for the TI-89 Titanium! (z80,68k)

  • msd8x - msd8x is a file manager for browsing, executing, and transferring files on a mass storage device (e.g. a USB thumb drive) on the TI-84 Plus. There's all sorts of other features that could be added to msd8x (text or hex editing, image viewing, group or zip file viewing, etc). Or, even better, create a plug-in system so these features can be easily added by future programmers and selectively installed by users. (z80)

  • Windows Mobile - Just because the OS isn't open source does't mean the software shouldn't be! MyPocketCal from last year's SoC is a nice program, but it could use some more work. Take a peek and propose some modifications. Or a brand new idea is good too. (We've really been sore about the lack of an open source Jabber client for Windows Mobile...)

  • DAWG - DAWG stands for Dictionary And Word Games, but it's a bit light on the word games at the moment. Adding some interesting word games (Text Twist anyone?) could be an interesting project. Or perhaps to make DAWG usable by more people, a facility to add a new language would be a good project. This would include compiling a word list, but also generating code for spelling rules and figuring out how to modularly integrate the new language into the current DAWG system. (z80)

  • MirageOS - Does anyone actually use external interfaces in MirageOS? Perhaps they should be removed, and replaced with external handlers for different file types. For example, if you have the "movie plugin", video files will appear in MirageOS, and when the user tries to execute them, the variable information will be passed to the correct external handler/plugin. This could be used for all sorts of things: 82/83 emulation, compressed programs, music, video, pictures, text files, etc. (z80)

  • SLIDE - SLIDE is an interpreted programming language for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ which is faster than BASIC but easier to use than assembly. It's *almost* useful, but it's not quite there yet. Propose something to help make SLIDE a viable language. Ideas: Add new libraries to fill gaps in functionality; seperate interpreter from program code so that SLIDE can be programs too not just flash apps; create an on-calc SLIDE program editor; create a 68k version. Or maybe you've got an even better idea for a new language...(z80,68k)

  • Hook Manager - Many applications use hooks to do all kinds of nifty stuff. Unfortunately you usually can't load more than one app using the same hook at once. Even worse, some apps (yeah, even some of ours) trash the hooks without seeing if they're already being used. A hook manager would allow multiple apps to share hooks, and hopefully make compatiblity issues a thing of the past. You should have a working knowledge of TIOS hooks if you want to try this one. (z80)

  • Cabamap - What is currently a fun program needs a few tweaks to be turned into a useful tool. Two interesting challenges would be adding decimal support to this currently integer-only program, and adding support for external access to the program for BASIC programs. (z80)

  • Other Apps - The MirageOS source is finally released under the GPL. Been waiting for that one killer feature to be added? Add it. Or work on one of our other open source apps: Calcsys, Command Post Plus, Emu8x, Krolypto, Omnicalc, Graph3, OurWorld. (z80,68k)

  • Proposals of your own devising are definitely acceptable!

Application Guidelines
  • Write clearly, concisely, and convincingly. Provide enough detail so that we can make an informed decision.
  • If you're proposing a Z80 or 68k project, show us that you know the language and platform well enough, or are such an coding wizard that you'll be able to pick it up.
  • Propose something that will take about one summer to complete. Don't propose an 8 month monster or something you can pound out in a week and a half.
  • Give us a rough indication of the the steps involved in your project. In other words, show us that you've planned it out a bit.
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