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The Emu8x User's Manual

Usage :  Selecting a Calc

After selecting Emu8x from the APPS menu, the splash screen will be displayed. Press any key to continue. You will be at the ROM selection screen. Any ROMs that you loaded into the application will be displayed. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll and the enter key to select one. Clear and 2nd+Quit will exit the app.

Usage :  Initialization

After selecting a ROM, the emulator will load and the emulated calculator will be initialized. "Emulator is loading..." will be displayed. At some point, this will either vanish or drop in contrast level as the emulated calculators have a low default contrast level. For example, on the TI-82 a contrast level of "3" is very readable where on the 83+ you usually keep it at about 8. Once it looks like the calculator is at the home screen and waiting, press 2nd and then hold the up arrow to raise the contrast.

Usage :  Controls

While Emu8x is running, all keypresses are interpreted by the emulated calculator. To access the emulation controls, press and hold both the left & right arrow keys. Then press and release the alpha key. Then release the keys once the Emu8x menu has appeared. From here you can:
  • 2nd+Quit - Return to the ROM selection menu. Pressing 2nd+Quit one more time after this will exit the app.
  • Clear - Return to the emulated calculator
  • Sto - Save the current calculator state (see this).
  • 2nd+Rcl - Load a calculator state (see this).
Pressing the up and down arrows adjusts the emulated interrupt speed. Changing this is recommended only for advanced users. The speed is adjustable from 2-255. A lower number means faster interrupts. The "interrupts" affect both the emulated calculator's interrupts and also Emu8x's response time for system events such as 85/86 LCD updating and the left+right+alpha keypress. By tinkering with this value, you can balance keypress responsiveness versus a minor speed improvement.

Usage :  Scrolling

The TI-85 and TI-86 have a 128x64 display. To faciliate emulation, ALPHA+LEFT and ALPHA+RIGHT will scroll the screen left and right, respectively.

Usage :  Linking

Emulated calculators interface with the physical 83+/84+ link port exactly as if it was their own. Therefore, when running Emu8x, your calculator is for all intents and purposes a different model to any linking programs. You can send programs to your emulated calculator through a unit-to-unit link cable or with a TI GRAPHLINK/USB connectivity cable.
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