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The Emu8x User's Manual

States :  About

Emu8x allows you to save and load calculator "states". What is a state? A state is a snapshot of an emulated calculator at a particular point in time. It includes information as to the contents of memory, CPU registers, the LCD, et cetera. This means that you can load some of your favorite programs onto a calculator and then save that calculator's memory contents; then, later, you can access them at any time by loading that state.

States :  Saving

To save a calculator state, press Left+Right+Alpha to access the Emu8x control menu. Press the STO key. "Processing..." will be displayed while the state is saved. Upon completion, three (or seven for the TI-86) appvars will be created in the archive. These are labelled with the calculator model and must remain archived. You can only have one saved state per calculator model. If one already exists, it will be overwritten.

States :  Loading

To load a saved calculator state, first you must emulate that model. Then with that particular emulated calculator running, access the Emu8x menu and press 2nd+Rcl. If all of the appvars are present and archived, they will be copied into the emulated calculator and the state loaded. Please note that data is streamed from flash and not unarchived. You will see "Processing..." while the state is being loaded.
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