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The Emu8x User's Manual

Installing :  Required Steps

In order to run Emu8x, you must:
  • Download it
  • Extract the files from the zip archive into a folder
  • Run the Java program with a ROM image to add ROMs into the app
  • Sign the app with wappsign
  • Send the app to your calculator

Installing :  Adding a ROM

To add a ROM to Emu8x, open a command prompt window in the directory where you unzipped the Emu8x files. Run "java rom". (If you get an error, see question 1 in the FAQ.) The program will prompt you for the ROM filename. It is recommended that you copy the ROM into the directory and then type as shown in the example below. You will also be prompted for the calculator model of the ROM. If in the recommended list, the calculator model and ROM version will be displayed.
C:\emu8x>java rom
Enter the filename of the ROM dump:
Enter the model of this ROM (81, 82, 83, 85, 86): 82
TI-82 v19.0

Note that you can only add up to four ROMs to the Emu8x application. When you add a ROM, files emulator.bin and emulator.hex are updated. These files are required for the application to be updated and signed.

Installing :  Signing Emu8x

Once you have added your desired ROM image(s), the next step is to digitally sign Emulator.hex for transfer to your calculator. Open the Wappsign utility (part of the TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger). This will typically be found under Start -> Programs -> TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger -> Wappsign. Click the "..." to the right of "Application", browse to the proper folder, and select "Emulator.hex". Next, click the "Detect Key File Now" button. If the "Messages" box reads "0104.key successfully detected," proceed to the next step. Otherwise click the "..." under "Key File" and browse to "C:\Program Files\TI Education\TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger\utils\" and select "0104.key". Now click the "Sign" button. After a brief pause, it should report "Emulator.8xk successfully generated." Emu8x is now signed.

Installing :  Transferring Emu8x

Wappsign has created a file called Emulator.8xk in the same directory as Emulator.hex. Send this flash application to your calculator as you would any other.
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