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The Emu8x User's Manual


Q1: When I try to run "java rom" I get "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: rom"? Help!
A1: Try running "java -cp . rom" (without the quotes of course) instead. Your Java classpath isn't properly set.

Q2: When I try to send Emu8x to my calculator, I get a message about an invalid app signature.
A2: This sometimes occurs when the TI app signing utility signs a very large flash application. Restart the entire Emu8x transfer process, beginning again with emulator.bin. You can find directions here.

Q3: Why is the emulation so slow?
A3: It is not an easy task for a Z80 calculator to emulate another calculator of similar processing speed. Where computer emulators such as Virtual TI have perhaps a 2000 MHz processor to emulate a 6 MHz processor with, Emu8x has only 15 MHz. Emu8x provides a complete emulation environment, meaning that an entire Z80 processor is being run in software.

Q4: Why does linking not work (or is slow)?
A4: The emulated calculator runs slower than a real calculator, thus it cannot link as fast. Impatient programs such as TI Connect do not always link properly with an emulated calculator. TiLP and other calculators should work fine.

Q5: When I pause and resume Emu8x my LCD looks garbled. There is junk on the screen. How can I fix this?
A5: This is a temporary problem that may occur under rare circumstances on the 82 and 83. It is not fixable. You will find though that pressing something like the MATH menu and then hitting clear, just to force the OS to rewrite the screen, will work fine to clear this.

Q6: My emulated TI-86 only has 64 KB of RAM instead of 96 KB! Why?
A6: Just like the TI-86, the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition/TI-84 Plus has 128 KB of RAM. Normally only 32 KB is used, leaving 96 KB unused for applications such as Emu8x. Because Emu8x has to fit the 128 KB of RAM in the 86 into 96 KB, the choice was made to decrease user memory size to 64 KB.

Q7: Why does only ROM 2.0V work for the TI-81?
A7: Unlike the other calculators, the TI-81's hardware was substantially altered between ROM revisions. There are two versions of the TI-81, each with incompatible hardware. At present, 2.0V is the only ROM that Emu8x has been tested with.

Q8: If a hen can lay half an egg in half a day, how many flapjacks does it take to shingle a doghouse?
A8: Give the cow 168, because TI-86-TI-82 = -168.
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