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Q1: What are the full names (And Correct Spellings!) of the current Detached Solutions staff members?
A1: Scott Dial, Dan Englender, Jason Kovacs, Andrew Magness, Brandon Sterner, Michael Vincent

Q2: Who are the two main authors of MirageOS?
A2: Dan Englender and Jason Kovacs

Q3: Who were the two original authors of the games in PuzzPack?
A3: Brandon Sterner and Fred Coughlin

Q4: Which TI calculator organization did the founding staff members of Detached Solutions originate from?
A4: The TI-Calculator Programming Alliance (TCPA)

Q5: Which TI-82 programmer assisted with the development of the TI-82 emulation in MirageOS? (Note: This person is not a Detached Solutions staff member.)
A5: Sam Heald

Q6: What is the name of the IRC Eggdrop Bot that is hosted on the Detached Solutions webserver?
A6: detached (or detacheds)

Q7: What is the group E-mail address of Detached Solutions that you should use contact all of our staff at once?:
(A) group@detacheds.com  (B) contact@detacheds.com  (C) site@detacheds.com  (D) staff@detacheds.com  (E) we_are_rad@detacheds.com
A7: (B) contact@detacheds.com

Q8: What was the date of the Deadline for the TI-83+ Application Programming Contest, and when were the Results posted? (Two Answers Needed)
A8: Deadline: March 19th, 2001; Results Posted: April 9th, 2001

Q9: Name 5 of the 18 programs that were released as 'Ports' for MirageOS at the initial release of the shell.
A9: 7G, AntiNibbles, Archive Recover, BoxWorld, Breakout, Bytes, DStar, Jimmy Virus, Labyrinth, Langton's Ant, Laser Mayhem, Lite3, Lunar Lander I, Lunar Lander II, Periodic Table, QuadroBall, RemoteCalc, Sierpinski Triangle, Simon, Starship Commander, Solytare, Timer, ZTetris (OK, there were more than 18 that we forgot to count initially, but any of these were taken as correct answers).

Q10: What is the Full URL of the DS Guestbook page where you can post an entry, and have YOU posted a Guestbook entry?
A10: http://www.detacheds.com/contact/guestbook.php; and "Yes", "No", any variant of that, or no answer were all taken as fine enough responses, we were just trying to promote posting to the Guestbook.


Q11: Which folder in MirageOS v1.1 can you not Rename or Delete through MirageOS?
A11: Main

Q12: In MirageOS v1.1, what is the text for the 4th option/command in the third section of options?
A12: Set / Alter Password

Q13: Which key(s) can be used to exit the options screen back to a MirageOS interface?
A13: Alpha and Clear (either or both answers were accepted)

Q14: What are the titles of the External GUI files that were released along with MirageOS v1.0?
A14: Program Names, Program Descriptions, Graphical Buttons, and Command Prompt

Q15: What is the Default Password that is set in MirageOS?
A15: There is no password set by default in MirageOS

Q16: What key is used to enter the 'Actn' submenu on the Function Bar in MirageOS v1.1?:
(A) Y=  (B) Window  (C) Zoom  (D) Trace  (E) Graph
A16: (D) Trace

Q17: What aspect of the MirageOS Program Manager is shown at the bottom of the screen when the Function Bar is toggled off?
A17: The Program or Folder Description

Q18: Which shortcut key in the Program Manager of MirageOS v1.1 will activate the Archive/Unarchive function for programs?
A18: SIN

Q19: Describe the process to make a BASIC program have a Custom Description in MirageOS.
A19: (1.) Colon as first character of the program, (2.) Next character is a double-quotes (") character, (3.) The text for the description follows that double-quote, and (4.) The text is terminated with a new line, i.e. pressing the Enter key at the end of the line.

Q20: Describe how the 'Save The Whales' option in MirageOS affects the system of the TI-83 Plus.
A20: Answer Not Revealed


Q21: In the Console of Calcsys v1.2, what Text must you enter in order to play the hidden 'Guess A Number' game?

Q22: What is the port number of the LCD Data Port on the TI-83 Plus? (Hint: Use Calcsys v1.2)
A22: 11h

Q23: What combination of keys allows you to change the current Flash Page for viewing in the Hex Editor/Disassembler of CalcSys v1.2?
A23: Alpha+R

Q24: What is the value of the LOG key for the GetCSC Romcall, as can be found in CalcSys v1.2?
A24: 2Ch

Q25: What is the value of the 100th byte in CalcSys v1.2, considering that the address 4000h is the 1st byte of the application?
A25: E4h

Q26: For the TI-83 Plus System Flags, what is the Hex value of the Flag Offset and the Bit Number for the flag that controls Lowercase availability?
A26: Hex Offset: 24h, Bit Number: 3


Q27: What date was Calendar v1.0 released to the public?
A27: January 31st, 2001

Q28: Which of the following events is Not a default Special Day in Calendar v1.0?:
(A) New Year's Day  (B) Valentine's Day  (C) St. Patrick's Day  (D) Veterans' Day  (E) Christmas Day
A28: (C) St. Patrick's Day

Q29: Using Calendar v1.0, what is the highest valid date that can be viewed using the alternate date format?
A29: 31/12/9999 (We were lenient and also accepted just 'December 31st, 9999')

Q30: Describe how a Special Date or Daily Note is represented on the graphical calendar screen in Calendar v1.0.
A30: The date values are displayed in Inverted text; White text on Black background.

Q31: What are the two methods that Daily Notes can be sorted by in Calendar v1.0?
A31: By Title or by Date

Q32: How many lines of text, including the Title, can a Daily Note have at maximum in Calendar v1.0?
A32: 101 (Note: The question said 'including the title', so the answer was not 100)


Q33: List the four games found in PuzzPack v1.0 and then list their counterparts in PuzzPack v2.0.
A33: Yoshi, Block Dude, Tetris Attack, and Pegs; Dino Puzzle, Block Dude, Puzzle Frenzy, and Pegs

Q34: How many white, movable blocks are there in Level 10 of Blockdude within PuzzPack?
A34: 24

Q35: In level 5 of Pegs for PuzzPack v2.0, what letter of the alphabet is formed in the middle of the screen by Hole pegs at the completion of the level?
A35: U

Q36: In Dino Puzzle of PuzzPack v2.0, how many points are awarded for removing 3 pieces at once inside a set of eggshells?
A36: 90

Q37: How many Triangle pieces are initially found in Level 13 of Pegs in PuzzPack v2.0?:
(A) Two  (B) Three  (C) Four  (D) Five  (E) Six
A37: (E) Six

Q38: In the game Puzzle Frenzy of PuzzPack v2.0, how many blocks with Smiley Faces are there initially in Level 21?
A38: 10

Q39: What is the exact text of the message that is displayed at the end of Pegs in PuzzPack?

Q40: What is the password to Level 59 in Puzzle Frenzy within PuzzPack v2.0?
A40: Answer Not Revealed

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