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This section of the Detached Solutions webpage contains information about the Contests we have hosted for the public in the past and that we are currently hosting. Below you will find general information about each of the contests, with links to specific pages of information as well as the results pages. The dates of the start, completion, and posting of results are listed for the contests where applicable. For the completed contests, a summary of the winners are also listed; however, you should view the Results pages for more in depth information about the results of each contest.

Detached Solutions Test of Knowledge Contest     Information   Results 

Starting Date:  June 12th, 2000
Completion Date:  June 26th, 2001
Results Posted On:  June 29th, 2001

The Detached Solutions Test of Knowledge Contest was held in order to promote interest for our organization as well as served as a DS Slidecase Giveaway. This contest consisted of 40 questions about our organization and our software, in which participants answered the questions and submitted their solutions to us before the deadline in order to be considered for a prize. The top 20 people who answered the most questions correctly received one of our limited-edition, colored TI-calculator Slidecases with the Detached Solutions logo on it. The difficulty of the questions varried, with some being very easy, others that are moderately challenging but that can be found somewhere on our website, and then some rather hard questions that we expected few people to answer correctly. The majority of questions were Free Response where participants provided either one word, a sentence, or a couple sentences; however, there were a few Multiple Choice questions as well. The questions can be found within the Information page for this contest, and detailed instructions about how participants entered this contest are also provided on that page. This Detached Solutions Test of Knowledge was inspired by the fact that we had several DS Slidecases left over from the last App Programming contest. Rather than hosting another programming contest where only experienced Assembly Language programmers might win, we chose to allow the Fans of our organization to win through their extensive knowledge of our organization and their use of our software developments. The winners of this contest are briefly listed below, but you should view the Results page in order to see a detailed list of the winners and their scores.

Top 20 TOK Contest Winners:

01 − Nicolas Gilles
02 − Joshua Vanderburg
03 − Andrey Gorlin
04 − Jeff H
05 − Brandon Wilson
06 − Patrick Poon
07 − Joel Seligstein
08 − Albert Chae
09 − Nathan Buda
10 − Paul Marks
11 − Brian Nyhuis
12 − Jonathan Tobe
13 − Jason Foster
14 − Tim Belton
15 − Jeff Ruud
16 − Erik Davidson
17 − Colin Squier
18 − Marco Ernst
19 − Cole South
20 − Scott Noveck

TI-83 Plus Application Programming Contest     Information   Results 

Starting Date:  December 1st, 2000
Completion Date:  March 19th, 2001
Results Posted On:  April 9th, 2001

The TI-83 Plus Application Programming Contest was held in order to spark the interest of Flash Application development for the TI-83 Plus calculator by Assembly Language programmers in the TI-Calculator community. Participants in the contest competed to utilize their programming skills in Z80 ASM and their ability to produce a useful and interesting application, with the incentive of prizes awarded to the best entries of the contest. In coordination with Texas Instruments Incorporated, our organization sponsored the prizes for this contest, which consisted of a TI-83 Plus Silver Edition calculator, Educational copies of the 83+ Software Development Kit, TI Developer T-Shirts, and digital app signings for the top winners of the contest. All of the contest winners have the privilege of producing their entry into a full Flash Application for the TI-83 Plus that will be signed for public distribution by TI. All participants in the contest, including the Runners-Up, received a limited-edition, colored TI-calculator Slidecase with the Detached Solutions logo on it. The staff members of our organization served as the judges of the contest, selecting 3 top winners in each of the two categories of Educational applications and "Other" applications, those of a non-educational type. We ended up having a Tie for 3rd place in the Educational category, with 7 top winners overall who will continue on to produce and eventually release their entry in Application form. View the Information page for contest details and the basis of our judging of the entries, and visit the Results page to see more extensive information, screenshots, and downloads for the winning entries, as well as the Runner-Up contest entries.

Educational Category Winners:

1st: Benjamin Moody − Astro 
2nd: Michael Seplowitz − Crossword 
3rd: Peter Martijn Kuipers − Nifty (Tie)
3rd: Joel Seligstein − Basic Tutor (Tie)
"Other" Category Winners:

1st: Kerey Roper − Narkemen 
2nd: Xavier LaRue − ZCasino 
3rd: Joe Flint − KOF 2000 
     The King of Fighters 2000 
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